Hi there, I’m Dan Warren. I’m an evolutionary ecologist, currently working at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. My main area of focus is on developing methods for using the rapidly expanding pool of ecological data to models species’ distributions and environmental tolerances, and using those models in conjunction with phylogenetic trees in order to acquire a deeper, broader understanding of patterns of evolution. I aim to demonstrate these methods in the context of answering interesting biological questions in a variety of systems. I also do some really fun stuff on brain evolution in marine fishes, and occasionally work on phylogenetic methods. For more information on my scientific work, click the “science” tab above. If you just generally want to know what’s up with me, check the “news” tab.

In my spare time, I’m a musician. I dabble in a bunch of different genres on a bunch of different instruments. I used to be in a bunch of different bands in Oklahoma, and still am off and on. For more info on my music, click the “music” tab above.