This is a page for my music stuff. You can download full albums here for free, but if you like them I don’t mind getting paid and all that. They’re available on iTunes, eMusic, and pretty much every other major digital distribution site. Hard copies of most albums are also available on CDBaby. If you want to hear more, just check out The International House of Dancakes podcast. You can subscribe through iTunes or any RSS reader, or just view the contents on my soundcloud.


album cover 1

Hardcore Prophecy: The Trump of Doom (video)

Hardcore Prophecy: The Trump of Doom (audio)

A Series of Tasteful Nudes

Son of Strelka, Son of God


The Scientist


Crush the Infamous Thing

Make Room for Dada

And finally, uh…this stuff costs money to make and host. If you’re really digging it and want to help me make more, you can either buy some music on iTunes or wherever or just paypal me a few bucks. Thanks!

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